Marine Construction Vessels

Andro Charters has been in operation for in excess of 10 years. In that time the Fremantle based organisation has provided clients Australia wide with boat chartering services for activities such as: Hydrographic Surveys, Shallow Water Surveys, Environmental Surveys, Marine Logistics, Harbour Contracting, Security Patrol, Crew Transfer, Marine Construction, and Dredging Support.

Offshore Crew Transfer & Surveying

Having pioneered Andro Charters fleets with the provision of services such as; tours, fishing charters, crew transfer services, cruise parties and other related services. Andro Charters have identified the value of their experience on the seas and are now providing services to the Offshore Industry.

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Our vessels are continually upgraded and maintained in excellent condition. Andro Charters continues to invest in new vessels in order to maintain its fleet at the highest level.

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