Andro Charters concern for conservation of the environment is to protect from contamination through their operations. In doing so their aim is to:

  • Treat with care all materials that may cause pollution.
  • Achieve a zero accident goal.
  • Maintain open communication with Governments and local communities.


To achieve the objectives, the policy of Andro Charters is to:

  • Ensure employees and management at all levels understand their stewardship responsibilities.
  • Monitor compliance at the operating level with company policy, government regulations and industry guidelines.
  • Increase emphasis on training, supervision and motivation of employees.
  • Maintain an emergency response capability.
  • Co-operate with government agencies that request assistance with remedial action where pollution has occurred.
  • Confer with Governments, the community, other industries, employees and professional bodies on the range of environmental issues which relate to the industry’s operations.

Environmentally Responsible

This environmental policy applies to all Andro Charters vessels and is for the benefit of all Company employees, contractors and clients who use its vessels and are expected to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, and act in accordance with this policy at all times.

Andro Charters is in the process of becoming ISO9001 -:

  • 2008
  • 14001
  • 18001

For further information please contact Andro Charters.

School of Environmental Science

Below are images of the various equipment used on board during a charter for the School of Environmental Science:

The CTD is an instrument that logs conductivity, temperature and depth, it can also do things like dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity.

The Yeokal 611 water quality meter is very similar to the CTD, it logs the information as well as giving a readout.